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Textoo Pro for iPhone v1.1 update

Great News ! Textoo Pro v1.1 update coming to the app store on 30th July 2011.

Free update for existing customersWhats new in v1.1 ?

  • Background support : You can now compose your message, click on send and then press the Home button on your device and the message will be sent in the background. A badge on the Textoo icon will display the number of pending messages.  The background sending can be disabled under settings.
  • Parallel sending : Each of your message will be sent as soon as you click on Send button. So, if you send a second message when another message is being sent, then both your messages will be sent simultaneously. You can also disable this option under settings by switching off the “Queue SMS before sending” setting.  This when combined with background support feature ensures that you spend your time only in composing your message, and Textoo Pro does the rest.
  • Native contacts picker: In the new update, you will be presented with the native contact picker (the contacts picker window which pops up in any app) by default. So you have the option of choosing whether your want a multi select-multi groups contact picker or the native single select-non group picker  under Settings.
  • Copy the error messages: You can now copy the error message details so that you can easily paste the error details you encounter on certain gateways in the email which you send us using the Contact page in the app.

So if you have been getting the error like “Error in fetching contact information. You might have deleted the contact after queuing” (which gets resolved by pressing the return key after typing your recipient phone number) or you experience situations where the message remains in outbox/queue forever, then you should update your app from Textoo Pro v1.0 to Textoo Pro v1.1. Its a free update for existing Textoo Pro customers.

All the existing bugs have been fixed in the new version 1.1 which will be available as a free update on 30th July.Thank you for the amazing feedback.  Keep sending your comments and we guarantee that we will respond to every email that reaches us.

You could also write your queries on the textoo forum.


  1. delivery report for whozzat will be great
    any ways thax for the app

  2. Great App>! Thank you

  3. Showing invalid user name or password when using fullonsms . Double checked the password in the website

  4. now a days always showing error to check ur network connection n try again
    but sometimes the message gets delivered.
    pls do somethin

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