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Textoo free SMS Lite for Android released

And we kept up our promise. Textoo is now available for android devices. Head on to the “Download the app” page to get it free for your android device.
The android version uses most of the features from the iOS lite version. In addition to sound notifications, the user can enable Android status bar notifications too to know the status of the last message that was sent. This enables the user to click on the “Send” and then minimize the app, only to get notified later that the message was sent, without even opening the app.
Message slicing has been perfected in the Android version which will break long messages to small ones and send them serially.
Also the server has been moved to Google app engine, and the user will never face any downtime when it comes to creating new accounts.
From now on, both iOS and the Android versions will support the same gateways and will continue to be developer together.
Watch this demo of the Android version :

A quick peek on what we are working on now :
Textoo free SMS app for Blackberry Playbook

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