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This app lets you send free real SMS to anywhere in the world. SMS Delivery in seconds. Use this to send SMS to USA, UK, India, UAE, Singapore and many more.

What’s New in Pro version:

1.A brand new custom designed UI with retina support
2.Native support for group messages and multi select contacts including contact group creation
3.Message Queuing – automatically queue message in the absence of internet connectivity
4.Message threaded view
5.Automatic message slicing based on gateway character limit

About Textoo :
All you need to do is goto the gateway website in the app and register an account on their website. And then sign in to your account using this app to send free International SMS

Gateways supported :

(Registration based, 140 chars with ads. Fastest delivery. 10 digit format. e.g 9845098450. Goto way2sms,com and register to get a username and password.)

(Registration based, Ad-supported 145 chars SMS. group SMS to India, UAE, Philippines, Singapore )(added on 9th July)

(group SMS to India)(added on 10th July)

(No registration required. 130 chars SMS. All countries supported. Number format is +(plus) followed by country code followed by 10 digit number) (added on 11th July)

More gateways will be added soon.

How does it work ?
This application allows you to send free SMS/text messaged using web gateways. The application connects to the gateway server through the internet and sends your message for free.

The application can be used after creating an account on the gateway’s website and then entering the credentials or any other info required by the gateway into the application.

If you have any web to sms gateway specific for your country and would like to add it to Textoo,head over to the textoo forum at and create a topic under feature requests.


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