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  • 26 March 2012 : Textoo Free SMS – coming soon on Windows Phone 7 (6 Comments)
    Stay tuned...

  • 21 November 2011 : Textoo Free SMS Lite for Blackberry Playbook 2.0 (17 Comments)
    You can now install Textoo on Blackberry playbook 2.0. Use the side load procedure (using DDPB installer) to install this app. Download the free SMS app bar file from here Use the link in "Download the app" section of this website to install Blackberry Playbook edition of Textoo.

  • 9 November 2011 : Textoo free SMS Lite for Android released (26 Comments)
    And we kept up our promise. Textoo is now available for android devices. Head on to the "Download the app" page to get it free for your android device. The android version uses most of the features from the iOS lite version. In addition to sound notifications, the user can enable Android status bar notifications too to know the status of the last message that was sent. This enables the user to click on the "Send" and then minimize the app, only to get notified later that the message was sent, without even opening the app. Message slicing has been perfected [More...]

  • 28 October 2011 : Textoo Free SMS Lite for iOS devices has released ! (20 Comments)
    Grab the free version of the popular SMS app from the "Download the app" section of this website or directly from the app store LIMITATIONS OF THE LITE VERSION OVER PRO: 1. Number of accounts are limited to 5 in number 2. Displays ads which are visible on every screen 3. Works only in portrait mode. Landscape mode is not supported. 4. Multi select contacts and message queuing is not supported

  • 24 July 2011 : Textoo Pro for iPhone v1.1 update (27 Comments)
    Great News ! Textoo Pro v1.1 update coming to the app store on 30th July 2011. Whats new in v1.1 ? Background support : You can now compose your message, click on send and then press the Home button on your device and the message will be sent in the background. A badge on the Textoo icon will display the number of pending messages.  The background sending can be disabled under settings. Parallel sending : Each of your message will be sent as soon as you click on Send button. So, if you send a second message when another message is being sent, [More...]

  • 16 July 2011 : Textoo Pro for iOS devices has released ! (845 Comments)
    After a lot of delay, Textoo Pro is finally up on the Itunes app store. Grab your copy of the app by clicking on the "Get our app" button on this page.

  • 15 July 2011 : Textoo Pro for Android ; in the works (7 Comments)
    15th Aug 2011 : Textoo for Android  devices has released on the Android Market. Get it now !. Textoo Pro for android is undergoing beta testing. It will be out on Android market on 15th August 2011. The look and feel of the app will remain almost the same as the iOS version. But there will be lesser graphic intensive animations and there wont be contact group support to begin with.

  • 10 July 2011 : Textoo Pro for iPhone & iPod touch : Coming soon (13 Comments)
    July 16th 2011 : Great news !! Textoo Pro has released.     July 15th 2011 : Release of Textoo Pro has been postponed to 25th July 2011 due to Appstore approval problems. July 10th 2011 : Textoo v2.0 renamed to Textoo ProRelease of Textoo Pro has been postponed to July 15th 2011 due to app store codesign issues. Here's a sneak peek into the brand new version of Textoo Pro - the iOS app which lets you send free real SMS to any mobile phone in India and other countries. Based on the numerous feedback emails we have got, we have tried our [More...]

  • 13 December 2010 : Developer API in progress (22 Comments)
    We are working on building the developer API and documenting a tutorial to add your favourite gateways to textoo. Hopefully we should be able to finish the process before this weekend. Stay tuned !

  • 12 December 2010 : SMS Gateways revamped (830 Comments)
    Backend code for all the 4 gateways have been updated and textoo will now work perfectly with any of the accounts created using the gateway websites. If you have issues with your account, use the report issues page or visit the Textoo forum to log a bug.

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