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Textoo Pro for iPhone : Help

Textoo Pro for iPhone : Help


  1. Daniel m says:

    Hello I just purchased your app but I’m anble to sent SMS to Poland. I live in USA and I have try different setups with phone numbers but I’m not successful.please help


  2. Kiran says:

    Hi daniel
    Can you try again now. Freesmscraze is back up online. So you should be able to send it now

  3. Jugal says:

    Very good app mate keep it up … A must for indian users

  4. Blu says:

    Hi there, i tried using your app and I find it really cool. I tried sending an sms to my friend in USA and she successfully recieved my sms however when she replied back I did not recieve her sms. Im using freesmscraze gateway and im from the Philippines. Thanks :)

    • admin says:

      Sorry Blue, its not possible to receive replies through
      All the other gateways except it support replies. But freesmscraze is the only gateway which works internationally.
      Why dont you ask your friend too to download Textoo and send messages through it?

  5. Varun says:

    Hello Kiran.. This is one among the best n worth apps I have ever downloaded.. Apart from msg sent acknowledgements.. I was wondering if you could work on enhancing this app to be little faster.. Cuz it’s taking time to load pages of it’s corresponding tabs/icons. Also I wish you could try adding “send more” option to the same number immediately after a message is sent.. Such that repeating to search again and again for the same number from the contacts to send msgs can be avoided.. That’s all mate. :)

    • admin says:

      Thanks varun for the positive feedback. V1.1 which is coming as a free update this weekend is as much as twice faster than the current version. You can go to outbox to send messages to the same set of recipients over and over. Its similar to message threads in the default iphone messaging app. No need to add contacts again and again each time.

  6. Hi,

    Cool app but I want to remove the signature while sending SMS , pls help

    • admin says:

      The signature is added by the gateway. Its not being added by Textoo. Also if you use whozzat gateway, your messages dont contain any signature.

  7. Vijay says:

    Hi, when i m selecting a contact, i am unable to select the specific number of contact. Because i have lot of numbers on a single contact.. I m unable select specific number. And update send from option also. Check about way2sms and 160by2 they r not delivering. And check the outbox msgs details not displaying clearly. If sms not sent unable to see error. It displays once only. Try to add shedule sms also

    • admin says:

      In the multi contact picker (in Textoo Pro v1.0) window which pops up when you click on the “+” button under compose message, your contact list is populated with each phone number of each contact. So if you have a contact with the name “Michael” having 2 phone numbers with labels “Home” and “Work”, then the list will contain both the numbers as follows :

    • Michael (home)
      Michael (work)
    • Please ensure that the phone numbers have unique labels to identify them. If you change any contact details, you need to restart the app and re import them.
      When you click on this contact, it will show the phone number below it and a check mark appears beside it. This way you can select every phone number of every contact.

      No gateway supports specifiying your own “send from” number. Most gateways (except freesmscraze) will take your username/your mobilenumber as the “from” number.

      I have checcked and ensure that Way2sms and 160by2 now. For 160by2 check that you have entered your recipient’s number in this format : , For e.g. 919845098450 for India.

      Outbox message not sent error has been fixed in v1.1 which will be available as a free update on 31st July.

      Thanks for the suggestion on schedule SMS, maybe Pro v2.0 can have it.

  • Vijay says:

    Hi some of contacts only having home n mobile side of contact.. Not all the contacts which have mutliple numbers.. And i mean send from, in compose sms giv a option for selecting gateway.. And for way2sms n 160by2 i m using +91 …… format…it works wit freesmscraze

  • Sami says:

    I purchased this app last week
    Its not at all working its tellin msg not sent or not delivered only
    I hope u ll help me
    I tried everything
    No use hope u ll help me

  • Suraj says:

    Hi Kiran,
    How can I use this app to send messages to india from US? I have a register accounts way2sms and 160by2(for my India), I have them on the app as well. However when send a message it says delivered but none of people get my message in india.
    Let me know your comments…

  • Which gateway lets u receive and send msgs..???
    Any idea ppl..?

  • Santosh says:

    I bought this app a month back and it works sometimes. Since yesterday I’m getting an UI issue. There is a small strip appearing with Done button on it when I open this app, no matter what I do, it doesn’t go. I think I have to reinstall this app but in that case I will have to pay again..please help.

  • Champjp says:

    Can I send SMS to Philippines when I’m here on USA?

  • Kevins says:

    When i try to send msg it goes for some selected no.s only n not all no.s what should i do????

  • Chakri says:

    I am an user of this app based in Canada. I am using this app to send SMS to India through way2sms. Could I send SMS to my friend in UK through any of the gateways in this app? If so please suggest me.

    Thank you..

  • Marge says:

    Hi! I am a user of this app since July 2011. It’s running good for the first couple mOnths but this past few days my loveones in Philippines don’t receive any of my text at all. Wondering of you can help me please. I’m from Vegas and this is the best way to communicate to Philippines.

  • Arun says:

    I like to way 2 sms

  • Punar says:

    Since the time i have purchased this app, i could send the sms only twice, after that i am getting the following message. I am using way2sms gateway

    Sat Feb 18 2012 15:58:21 GMT+0530 (IST) :
    Connecting to WAY2SMS (backup) …

    HTTP request to gateway server has failed. Check network connectivity and try again.

    My network connectivity is fine. Please help.

  • bryan says:

    really cool ups and very useful. im using itouch. how can i add contacts to contact list. pls help. good job

  • Muhammad says:

    Hi, I am using this application and based in UAE.
    Whenever I is to use this app I can able to send few SMS and after that I used to get the reply message saying Message sending has failed. Check message details. And in msg details it shows check connection but I still I was connected to network, rather wifi or 3G, please help me on this issue and I can enjoy sending SMS to my friends continuously without any issues. Thanks a lot

  • Deekshith says:

    I’m using fullonsms to send SMS . I’m based in India and I’m sending sms to indian numbers but SMS are not being delivered please help me


  • Mudasir says:

    Its a very great app…thumps up..i dont have the pro version and im using ways2sms gateway on my ipod ..but when i send msg i get the reply on my there any way to recieve replys on the device you sent message from? Thnx.

  • Suhail says:

    Hi how can i receive text replies? I use way2sms for india. Is it possibl my frnds can also reply thru same gateway? Cuz i am registered thru an india num

  • Jagdev says:

    Hai Iam not able to send messages to India through free maze . It always shows a message to add the prefix +91. But even after adding Iam not able to.

  • Mohit says:

    I am using Textoo Pro on my iPhone 4.It was working perfectly fine till 4 days before. Now when I am sending an SMS it gives me error JASON parse error.

  • Deekshith says:

    Hi Kiran,
    when I send a message it says delivered but none of people get my message. I’m using way2 SMS

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