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Composing messages & Outbox

Composing messages & Outbox

Note : Before composing messages, ensure that you have entered your account details and selected the default account under Settings. If you haven’t done so, refer to Getting Started.

Add the recipients :

You can either enter the phone number of the recipients manually or select them from the contacts list.

  • To add a number manually, click on the rectangular box just below the textoo logo. Now you can type in the phone number. Please note that only digits and the plus sign are supported. All the other characters will be stripped off. Also note that you cannot enter the contact name here (unlike the iPhone messaging app). Once you have entered your phone number, press the ‘return’ key on the keyboard. The keyboard pops up again to indicate that you can type your next phone number. In this fashion, you can add as many phone numbers as recipients. Once you are done, press the return key once again to close the keyboard. Now the rectangular box shows the count of numbers added.
  • To add a contact from your phone’s address book, click on the blue plus symbol beside the rectangular box just below the textoo logo.If you have enabled multi contacts and groups under settings, you can select multiple contacts or groups at once. Otherwise only one contact can be selected. To choose contacts, ensure that “contacts” is selected on the tab selector on the top of the screen. You can select multiple contacts by just clicking on the contact name. A tick mark appears beside the name to indicate the selection and the phone number is shown below the contact name. To choose groups, change to the ‘groups’ mode by clicking on the groups button on the title bar. Choose as many groups as you want and click on the done button to add the groups and contacts you selected to the current message.

Type your text message :

You can start typing your message in the rectangular box at the bottom of your screen. As you type your message you can see the number of characters remaining on a small box to the right of the message. This indicates the number of characters you can type until the message gets split/sliced to two or more pieces. As every SMS gateway defines a character limit, textoo will slice your message to fit into this limit imposed by the gateway. When it is slicing your message it adds the text you specified under “Settings>Long message slice suffix” after the message to make the receiver of the message aware that the message has been split into many parts. The number of parts to which the message will be split is indicated by the number in the paranthesis beside the character limit counter.

Send your SMS :

Once you are happy with the message you typed, you can click on the “Send” button or the square box below the character counter. Now your SMS gets queued in the “message queue” (if enabled under settings) and the number displayed at the top right corner of the screen will increment. Also an hourglass icon is displayed beside your message in the compose window. If there are no other messages queued before the current one and there is internet connectivity present (indicated by a green arrow on the queue icon) your message will send immediately.  As your message is being sent, a blue bar shows the progress of the operation. Once the message is sent successfully,  the progress bar disappears. The hourglass icon also disappears. If there was an error in sending, a red icon is displayed beside your message. You can check the reason for the failure by clicking the message and choosing “Message details”. This will display the message log which lists each operation and the reason for the failure. If your message stays in the queued state for a long time, you can click on the message queue icon which opens the Queue manager window and click on “Send all” option at the bottom of the screen. If this produces no results, click on the message in the same window and select “Force send”.

Continuing conversations (Outbox) :

Every time you use the “Compose message” page to send a SMS, a new message thread is started in the “Outbox” page. You can continue your conversation by selecting any of your old threads. Please note that you cannot edit the contacts of threads in the outbox page. You could just type in a message in an old thread and clicking on “send” will automatically send the SMS to the contacts. This saves you some time by avoiding the need to add your contacts each time.


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