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1 . If I change a contact detail like phone number or name, Textoo doesnt reflect the change. How do I fix this ?

If you have made some major changes like change of contact name you will need to click on the reload button (top-left) in the contacts picker to import the address book again. If this does not import your changes, you will need to close Textoo Pro (i.e. remove it from multi tasking bar by long pressing home button and then long press app icon and then click on the red close button) and then start Textoo Pro again and then re import.

If you have already started a thread with a contact and then want to make some minor changes like change of dialing code etc, then you could make the change in your address book, come back to Textoo Pro and close it and then reopen it and send the message. Textoo Pro will fetch the updated contact information when you are sending the message. You do not need to reimport the address book if you are making such minor changes.


2. Sometimes the message remains in queued state (hourglass icon beside it) for a long time. How do I send it ?

You can force send a queued message in 3 different ways :
a. Click on the queued message and then select “Resend”
b. Click on the queued outbox icon which shows the number of queued messages (top right corner) and then click “Send all”
c. Click on the queued outbox icon on the top right corner, then select your message in the opened dialog box and then click “Force send”
d. If these methods dont work, close Textoo Pro and reopen it and then try them again.

If none of the methods (a,b,c) work and the message still remains in the queued state or you have to use method d everytime, then drop in a post in the Bugs/Issues section of this forum describing the steps you followed.


3.When I click on Compose message or go to Outbox and select a thread, a blank screen is shown. Going back to home screen doesn’t help. How do I fix this ?

This happens if you have selected an account as default and then delete the same account from Manage accounts page. This issue can also occur if you have added an account of a particular gateway and after you added it, that gateway got removed from Textoo servers.

To fix this, close Textoo completely and then restart it. Now go to Settings and select an account which is known to be working perfectly. If the issue repeats try recreating the account.


4. The message get sent successfully, but it never gets delivered. What do I do ?

This can happen due to 3 reasons :

a. The gateway you chose doesn’t support the recipient’s country.
Every gateway (except freesmscraze) which you select under Settings has a list of limited countries supported. If the recipient is not in this list, your SMS wont get delivered.

b. The format of the number you entered is invalid.
Again, each gateway has a defined format for the number you enter. For e.g. the number +91 9845098450 has to be entered as 9845098450 for , 919845098450 for 160by2, +919845098450 for So checkout the gateway requirements under Gateway details screen

c. Your credentials are incorrect
Every gateway (except freesmscraze) requires you to enter your registration details under settings. If your username or password is incorrect, your SMS will not get delivered. Ensure that you can login into the gateway website through your browser before trying out Textoo.


  1. Kiran says:

    Very nicely done kiran..nice work..very good idea and very useful..but there are a lot of scope for improvement..sme functionalities like contacts n all are nt working for me..hope you are working on the updates to make this great app even better..
    Thanks :)

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