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Getting started

Getting started

Textoo Pro lets you send SMS for free using web to sms gateways. You can start sending your first message in just 3 easy steps.
Ensure that you have GPRS/WiFi network connectivity before proceeding.

  1. Goto Textoo Pro > Settings > Manage Accounts > Add account.

    You will be presented with a list of gateways supported by Textoo Pro. Select any SMS gateway to know its features. Depending on the countries supported by the gateway, its rating and the number of characters supported, you can make a choice. If you need more information about each gateway click here. Once you select the SMS gateway, it may or may not require your to enter the registration details. If it asks you for the username/password, proceed to step 2. Otherwise you can goto step 3

  2. If the chosen SMS gateway requires free user registration then follow this step.

    Enter the gateway URL on your browser. Here’s a short list for the registration pages for some of the gateways :

    Once you are done with registration, usually a SMS is sent by the SMS gateway to your phone number specified during registration to verify whether the phone number really belongs to you or not. Login to the gateway website manually to check whether your account has been activated or not.

  3. Switch to Textoo Pro and enter your account details i.e., the username and password and then click on “Done” button.

    Navigate back to the settings page in Textoo and click on the account you just created to set it as default. A small check mark appears beside the account name to show you that the account is now default. The default account is the one that is used to send your messages. Now you can start sending SMS by going to Textoo Pro > Compose message.

    Cheers !

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