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This page explains each customizable setting for Textoo Pro :

  • Manage Accounts

    Clicking on this option will let your add,edit and delete accounts.  Define atleast one account for Textoo to work.

  • Default account

    This list is shown if you have atleast one account added onto Textoo Pro. Click on the account to select the account which will be used to send messages. A check mark beside the name indicates that it is active.
  • Maximum threads

    This slider will allow you to set the maximum number of message threads displayed in the outbox page. If the total number of message threads exceeds this setting, then the older threads wont be shown in outbox. This setting is to prevent the accumulation of inactive threads over time.
  • Maximum messages per thread

    This slider allows you to limit the maximum number of messages displayed inside a thread. In other words when you goto ” Outbox” and choose an old message thread which is filled with a lot of sent messages, this setting if set to a number say ‘x’ will force the message thread to show only ‘x’ of the recent messages in that thread. One major use case of this setting is as follows : Assume that you always send text messages to a single number and have sent 1000 messages over the past 2 months. If this setting wouldnt exist, Textoo would have to load all 1000 messages into the thread everytime.

  • Auto send queued messages

    1. On network restore : This will enable automatic sending of queued messages as soon as internet connectivity gets restored. For e.g if you prefer to keep 3G/Edge switched off all the time and only use WiFi when available, Textoo will queue your messages in the absence of internet connectivity. When this setting is turned “ON”, your messages will start sending automatically as soon as Wifi/3G/Edge becomes available. If this setting is turned “OFF”, your messages will remain queued even in the presence of internet connectivity and you will have to manually click on “Send all” from the queue manager.

    2. Prompt before sending : If this setting is set to “ON”, you will be asked whether you want to send the queued messages as soon as network connectivity gets restored. If set to “OFF”, your queue will be emptied silently. Please note that if the previous setting is turned “OFF”, this setting will have no visible effect.

  • Long message slice suffix

    Every SMS gateway has a character limit and Textoo Pro will slice your message to fit into this limit imposed by the gateway. When it is slicing your message it adds the text you specified under this setting at the end of your text message to make the receiver of the message aware that the message has been split into many parts. For e.g, if you specify “{cont}” as the suffix and suppose the last few words in your long message are “catch ya later”, your message will get split into 2 messages  as  “… cat{cont}” and  “ch ya later” and will get sent sequentially.

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