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User reviews

    If you are an iPhone or iPod touch or iPad owner who just loves messaging your best pals every second like me, then here is a great application called Textoo Pro available in iTunes that provides amazing texting capabilities. Textoo Pro is a wonderful application that serves the purpose of …..

    - By iPhone Hail blog on 9th Aug 2011. Read the full review here

    Good news to those who owns an iPhone, ipad, iPod Touch and use Messaging service on frequent basis. An application called Textoo Pro provides great texting capabilities has been made available on App store. This powerful applications allows you send free of cost Text Messages to most of the mobiles around the world. It lets you to send a message and it will be delivered to the destination address within few seconds.

    - By Kool mobile on 10th Aug 2011. Read the full review here

    Are you an Indian living outside India? Do you wish to have an app using which you can send free messages to your friends and family at your home using your smart phone? Then your prayers have been listened my friend. Because the Textoo App is finally coming your way! Textoo is a simple and intuitive way to send….

    - By Techcurrentz on 8th Aug 2011. Read the full review here

    … The app claims a message delivery time of within 10 seconds, which we confirmed is indeed the case. With new gateways being added each week, this app is a must have for SMS junkies.

    - By Techtree on 26th Aug 2011. Read the full review here

    … I loved using the app, it’s fast and it’s free! Once you purchase the app you can sent unlimited messages for free.! …

    - By Techulus on 29th Oct 2011. Read the full review here


  1. hi nice application, i love the old free version

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